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How to sell on Amazon for beginners in 2018

How to sell on Amazon for beginners in 2018

How to sell on amazon for beginners in 2018Selling on Amazon is very easy, convenient and very payable venture. You can sell on Amazon by different ways in this topic I will explain them, with which you can earn monthly through Amazon.

One way is through affiliate marketing and we have discussed it a couple of times, and the second one is through direct sales.

We will discuss the second one in the below article. There are different ways and few things that you should keep in mind before start selling on Amazon.

There are many advantages of selling on Amazon, Few I will explain below and that advantages are the key to your success. Amazon is the top off the line online retail store in the world.

So you have a greater chance for your product to sell rapidly on Amazon. There are different ways to sell on Amazon, one is through drop-shipping and other is through direct selling your product to the buyer.

If you sell through Amazon, the best part is that they will handle all your major concerns that are Keeping Inventory, delivering to the buyer, Complaint handling and Marketing your product.

So selling through Amazon is a great opportunity, I will explain the steps that you need to follow to sell through Amazon.

Selling through Amazon

You can sell through Amazon by following different tactics, it is either through affiliate marketing or selling different products or through being a sole supplier i.e. introducing your personal brand and letting Amazon sell it for you.

In this topic, I will discuss how you can sell your product other than through affiliate marketing. Amazon is world best search engine if you are looking to buy something.

You can almost search anything on Amazon, it gives you an advantage as a seller because your market does not only remain domestic but it expands and becomes International.

Now let us discuss how you can get signed in and start selling on Amazon. you can also use this book for the refrence by Bradford Suvillian.

Signing up

First, you have to set up a seller account with Amazon, for that, you need to go to seller central option and register there.

There are different markets globally to sell, but the best is in America because it is a great market to start your business.

It doesn’t matter where you live, people from all over the world are selling there. There are two accounts professional and individual.

I recommend that you setup professional account it has a fee of $39.99/ month with the first month free plus some additional selling fee;

But it is worth it because you get the different facility that Amazon offers, like one-click buy button, giving you chance to sell your product to millions of buyer, Amazon will advertise your product for you, accept payments on your behalf and many more.

Easy Inventory

The best part of selling on Amazon is that they will manage your inventory for you.

When you set up your seller account and register for the market you want to sell, all you have to do is ship your product to the fulfillment center in that country.

Rest will be handled for you by Amazon their team will handle your inventory, they will ship your product to the buyer so you don’t have to worry about the fulfillment.


Now all you have to do his search what is the top seller on Amazon and find a supplier for that.

Example Exercise mat is one the item that is the top seller on Amazon, all you need to have is a supplier who makes exercise mats you buy those mats from the supplier and ship it Amazon’s fulfillment center to start selling.

You can also find suppliers locally or you can go to Alibaba and find suppliers there who are making the same product,there you can also check the price of per unit as well and how much units will they sell as a minimum order.

Even so, they will even have the private labels for your products and customized it according to your need.

You can also sell your own products like if you are potter you can sell your pottery mugs and other stuff. You can almost sell anything on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon isn’t that difficult but there are few checks that are to be covered from your end before your start-up business with Amazon,

I will briefly go through them so that you don’t get stuck later on them after setting up your account.

Proper Documents

You should have your proper and rights documents ready before applying for Amazon account before these documents were not required but now they are the part of the registration process to keep the illegitimate seller away.

The first requirement is the photos of your national ID, like passport or driver’s license and secondly, they need your bank statement that has your address on it.

Getting these documents is very easy just take picture of passport or driver’s license with your cell phone camera and for the bank statement just log in to your bank and download your latest bank statement, and then just upload them during your account creation on Amazon.

Cash Flow and Credit / Debit Cards

The next step is to manage your cash flow, with cash flow I mean how you going to pay Amazon fee and how you are going buy products that want to sell or how you will ship those products because as new seller Amazon will pay you after two weeks.

If your products start selling super-fast, you should have enough cash flow or credit card to purchase your inventory to replace your stock.

Other than that Amazon requires a credit card or debit card, a legitimate debit card not prepaid visa debit cards. So managing this before setting up the account will be very fruitful in the later stage.

Set aside Time to Run and Grow your Business

It is very important to set aside time for your business growth, every day, every week and so on because if you won’t manage it accordingly you won’t be able to run it properly nor will it grow.

Try to take out time every day, I recommend at least one hour, in which you can manage your business and reply your emails.

It becomes very difficult to manage it with your regular 9-5 job, so if you come home and are tired or cannot take out time, I suggest you should wake up one hour early than your normal time and give that hour to your business.

Take out time every week to grow your business, as you will manage your job and your business; every businessman has gone through this phase. Trust me the reward for this will be worth it.

In the end, I would like to conclude that if you are thinking how much does it cost to sell on Amazon?!?

 Then the answer is not that much it depends on what business model you are adapting if it is drop shipping then it will take about $500-$700 and if it is something else about it will be around $750-$1000 dollars.

As I have discussed in the above article it is better to study your business model before adopting it.The best part is that you can apply for Amazon without quitting your 09-05 job.

In the above topic, I have briefly discussed how you can sell on Amazon and get a profit in return. Just follow the steps that I have mentioned and soon you will be selling your products on Amazon. You can go through this amazing book make your computer money machine by Avery Bryer.

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